The Intertwined Events of Alessandro Volta, an Unfortunate Frog, and the Battery Plus, the Upcoming Volta WW RTTY Contest in Volta’s Honor

Alessandro Volta (born February 18, 1745) wasn’t the first scientist to experiment with electromagnetism and the know-how needed to develop the battery, but he was the first to get it […]


Learn Morse Code at Whatever Speed You Want with the Koch Method

Have the patience of a gnat but want to become the next Morse code master? The Koch Method can help you get it done. While other methods of learning Morse […]


Part 1: How to Build Antennas from a Blind Ham’s Perspective (and if You’re Not Blind, You’ll Learn Something, Too!)

Editor’s Note: Over the next several months, OnAllBands will be featuring a series of articles from Harry “Trippy” Brown, AC8S, longtime amateur operator and antenna builder/tester who’s never let his […]


Guide to December 2021 Ham Radio Contests

As we reach the end of another unusual and socially-distanced year, operators everywhere have their collective digits crossed that 2022 will yield more up-close-and-personal encounters of the ham radio kind. […]

NanoVNA-F V2 Vector Network Analyzer

New Product Spotlight: NanoVNA-F V2 Vector Network Analyzer

Like a lot of gear used in amateur radio, many useful products come in rather small packages. Now available from DX Engineering, the upgraded NanoVNA-F V2 Vector Network Analyzer (5″ […]

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Intrepid-DX Group Begins Preparations to Activate Bouvet Island in 2023 (Video)

For legions of longtime DXers, Bouvet Island (3Y) remains an elusive gem in their DXCC crown. And while North Korea (P5) may stand as the undisputed Holy Grail of contacts […]


Scott Tilley, VE7TIL, Snags Signal from Tianwen-1 Probe Orbiting Mars

There’s always that one guy, and on February 10 that guy was amateur operator Scott Tilley, VE7TIL, snagging a hard-to-get signal from China’s Tianwen-1 probe as it orbited Mars. It’s […]


Guide to January 2021 Ham Radio Contests

Guide to January 2021 Ham Radio ContestsStart the new year on the air with some vintage radio, RTTY, VHF, and top-band contesting! Plus, bundle up for summer Field Day’s frozen […]

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Holiday Gifts for Hams 2020: Shortwave and Internet Radios

Some of my earliest memories of radio take me back to my bedroom in Akron, Ohio, a small, cheap Panasonic hidden under my pillow, the smooth sounds of Cleveland baseball […]


New Product Showcase: DESKTOP-MKII DSP Noise Cancelling Speaker

The audio pros at bhi Ltd. have announced some great news for Hams looking to upgrade the sound quality of their base stations. Building on its exceptional DESKTOP DSP Noise […]