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vintage illustration of a ham radio shack
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The Rise of Digital Modes: The Changing Face of Ham Radio

Change in Amateur Radio operation modes often comes slowly due to the need to change equipment. Two major changes in the history of Amateur Radio that vividly illustrate this include […]

MFJ Voice keyer
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Contesting Equipment Guide: Small Upgrades that Can Make a Big Difference

So you have a station, you’re operating in the contests, and looking to move up the score listings— excellent! But what to do? Is there a BNR (Big New Radio) […]

ham operator using a portable radio antenna on hilltop
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Backpack QRP Basics: Creating a Backpack QRP Station

A common train of thought in Ham Radio is you need to have a giant station in order to have fun and be successful. While there is no doubt that […]

close up of computer screens in a ham radio station
FT8 / Technical Articles

FT8—What Is It and How Can I Get Started?

I am guessing that most of you reading this have either heard about FT8 from fellow Hams or heard it on air as that strange repetitive buzzing sound between the […]

two men using a small portable ham radio station
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Guide to Contesting for Technicians

Contesting is one of Ham Radio’s most popular on-air activities. These are operating events with a time limit—anywhere from an hour or two to 48-hour events spanning an entire weekend. […]

a pair of mobile ham radios set on a desk
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Energize! Power Options for Portable Ops

No matter where you operate, you’re going to need electricity. Some portable scenarios will allow you to use commercial power, of course, but for most situations, this means a battery. […]

ham radio keyer video still
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Video: Keyer Pad Basics

What are Iambic and single Lever paddles and how are they wired? In our latest Q&A Wednesday, we discussed the differences between Straight Keys and two types of Keyer Paddles […]

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Inductor Selection: Manufacturers Part Numbers

Amateurs have long used the Amidon ( part numbering system for ferrite and powdered iron toroid cores. For powdered iron cores, the Amidon part number begins with a T and […]

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Inductor Selection: Design Sensitivities

When you start designing your own circuits, one of the biggest challenges is not obtaining component values, but choosing from many different types of components all having the same value! […]

ldg antenna tuner box
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Antennas 101: Do You Really Need an Antenna Tuner?

There is nothing more misunderstood or misrepresented in the world of ham radio than the antenna tuner. According to many, they’re an indispensable accessory for your ham shack and a […]