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Large array of ham radio antenna towers
Technical Articles

Ham Radio Outdoor Maintenance Tips (from the Ground Up)

My first Elmer was a laid-back guy. One of his philosophies about Ham equipment was, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” He was lucky most of the time, but […]

West Mountain Radio Rigblaster module and CD-ROM
Technical Articles

CW Contesting (Part 2): Making QSOs for Real and Tips on Better Scores

In Part 1 of our series on CW Contesting, we looked at some of the basics of getting started. Today, we’ll delve further into making QSOs and tips on improving […]

ham radio paddle, computer, and keyer block diagram
Technical Articles

CW Contesting (Part 1): Getting Started

Most days, the CW bands are kind of quiet.  But on certain days, suddenly there are stations tuning up, conducting short QSOs, and then at the top of an hour […]

a multi-radio ham radio station diagram
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Using Transformers for Impedance Matching vs. Isolation

Transformers for Impedance Matching One of a transformer’s important functions is impedance transformation. Impedance transformation is just changing the ratio of voltage-to-current in one winding to a different ratio of […]

ham radio test equipment on workbench
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Audio Transformer Measurements and Modeling

(Editor’s Note: The following article is from the archives of experimenter, inventor, friend of the Ham Radio community, and founder of Clifton Laboratories, Jack Smith, K8ZOA (SK).) This page presents […]

MFJ Voice Keyer module for ham radio
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Guide to Low-Power Contesting (Part 2): Techniques and Tips on Making QSOs

In Part 1 of our series on low-powering contesting, we looked at the basic equipment you’ll need. Today, let’s touch on a few tips on competing, contest resources, and opportunities […]

Ham Radio software screenshot
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Guide to Low-Power Contesting (Part 1): Getting Started

Field Day was fun, wasn’t it?  Maybe you’re thinking, “I can do that from home!” And so you can—this discussion is about how to have some success with a modest […]

a compact mobile ham radio transceiver
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What To Look For in Your First Mobile Rig

After getting a license, there are so many things to learn! One of the biggest (and the most fun) is what you learn as you choose your radio. This article […]

a large ham radio repeater antenna tower
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What is a Repeater and How Do You Use One to Communicate?

Want to get the best possible coverage in a marginal location, like inside a building or down in a valley? A repeater system can rebroadcast your transmitted and received signals […]

a dipole antenna mounted to the back of a truck
Technical Articles

DXing on the VHF+ bands: Classic Skills on New Frontiers

Most Hams associate the term “DX” with the HF bands. It’s understandable. After all, as conventional wisdom states, the HF bands allow international, global communication, while the VHF bands are […]