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a rack mounted box for portable radio equipment
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EMCOMM: Preparedness and Flexibility of the Go Box

What is a Go Box? The go box–also called go kit, jump kit or EMCOMM box–is a topic that has been much discussed in the amateur radio community. Though extensively […]

low band pistol antenna diagram
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Little Pistol Low-Band Antennas

Some of the biggest challenges presented to the Little Pistol, especially one who wants to become a Medium Gun, are the low bands. This generally means 10 MHz and lower, […]

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Tuning Your Dipole Antenna Installation

You’ve gone to great lengths to make sure your antenna is cut for the proper frequency using the 468/MHz formula. You’ve measured twice and cut once, yet the SWR readings […]

large Yagi antenna
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Antenna Traps—A Way to Cope With Limited Space

The downsizing of real estate these days reminds me of Halloween candy. Candy bars used to be big, but now they’ve shrunk to something they call “fun size.” Today’s properties […]

rigexpert antenna analyzer
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The Difference Between Antenna Analyzers and Antenna Tuners

Do you need an antenna analyzer or an antenna tuner? These devices are actually different tools for different tasks. They both are used with antennas, but one doesn’t necessarily replace […]

am m2 antenna element for ham radio
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Antenna Safety—Look Before You Install

The most important thing you can do when putting up an antenna is to look before you install. Go outside and survey your property. Consider every suitable location for your […]

ham radio station basic illustration
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What Is an Antenna System?

“System” is a word that gets thrown around a lot. What does it mean from the perspective of an amateur radio operator? Generally, I think of a system as a […]

a pulley and cable system for installing a wire antenna
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Getting Your Antenna in (and on) the Air: Tips for Installing Wire Antennas and Verticals

Mother Nature must like Ham operators. We’ve been provided with an abundance of tall, non-conductive antenna supports—aka trees—which grow and flourish on their own. When it comes to wire antennas, […]

a collection of antenna radiation pattern diagrams
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Directional Antenna Performance without a Beam

For this OnAllBands blog post, we’ve changed our traditional Word of the Day entry to a Question of the Day: What is the best solution available for creating an optimized […]

antenna radiation pattern diagram
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How High Should My Dipole Be?

The half-wave dipole is one of the most basic antennas in all of Ham radio. It also tends to get a bad rap; how many times have you heard somebody—possibly […]