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Guide to Unusual Ham Radio Antennas

We’ve all heard of Yagis, dipoles, and G5RVs. But there are other antennas out there that are a bit unusual—either by name or configuration. One even grows… Carolina Windom Going […]

dx engineering utility enclosure filled with cable and junction bus blocks
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Video Spotlight: DXE-UE-2P Utility Enclosure

One of DX Engineering’s most popular and versatile products, the DXE-UE-2P Utility Enclosure Kit is used by hams around the world in a wide range of configurations for the outdoor […]

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Tips on How to Make Your Next Hamfest a Prime Day for Buying or Selling

After parking and waiting in line, you finally make it inside the gates. You drop off your ticket for the prize drawings, and you’re ready to bargain. No two hamfests […]

wire antenna center section and hardware
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Antenna Choices for Successful Portable Operations (Part 1)

When it comes to choosing the right gear for portable operations, you may want to consider the 4 Ps as you make your selections: Portability, Performance, Perfectly Easy Deployment, and, […]

hamplus remote switch, mounted to side of house
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Ham Radio Tips: Keep Your Feet on the Ground and Your Station on the Air

Having entered my seventh decade, I know I can’t do all the stuff I used to do when I was in my 30s. Climbing trees, towers, and extension ladders or […]

KA1S Marcus Island DXpedition QSO Card
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How to Take Advantage of ARRL Log Archives

I recently decided to update my old, neglected Phone DXCC award. It has probably been 40 years since any endorsements have been applied for. My primary concern over the years […]

radio waveforms and spectrum infographic
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Passive RFI Generators Inside and Outside Your Station

It is not unusual to be able to hear the harmonics of a nearby transmitter, amateur radio or not. No signal is a perfect sine wave and it’s easy to […]

woman at desk of a ham radio station
Field Day

Five Tips for a Successful Field Day

ARRL Field Day 2023 (June 24-25) is rapidly approaching. Are you ready? Here are a few friendly reminders to help make this year’s event the most successful ever. Be Prepared […]

an illustration of the earth and propagation of radio waves
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HF Summertime Propagation…with Propagation Advice for Field Day

SummertimeOperatin’ is easySunspots jumpin’Your antenna’s up highThe openings switchThose bands just keep changin’The regions and seasonsTell you why(apologies to George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward) It seems like just a few […]

DX Engineering pop-up Canopy tent
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Gearing Up for ARRL Field Day 2023 (Part 5): Headsets, Foot Switches, DX Engineering Logo Apparel and More

With ARRL Field Day 2023 only a few weeks away (June 24-25), you should hopefully already have everything you need for a successful operation. But it never hurts to double- […]