Articles written by: Thomas Witherspoon, K4SWL

ham radio, keyer paddles, and logbook on outdoor table
HAM Radio 101

CW Activating 101: Managing Partial Calls

I recently received a question from Richard, who asked: “Is it rude to always [add] a ‘?’ with a partial call? And how do you do partials with everyone jumping […]

outdoor portable ham radio station
Technical Articles

Working Through and Managing Pileups During Park and Summit Activations

Park and summit activating has grown in popularity over the past few years. Indeed, it’s to the point that pileups are not at all uncommon. Here in the U.S., I […]

Mitchell river park sign

Casting a Wider Net: Park and Summit Activations Might be More Accessible Than You Realize

I receive a lot of messages from my readers/subscribers noting that they would love to do POTA or SOTA activations, but either 1) park entities are too far away/inaccessible, or […]

Icom IC-705 set up on a picnic table
Technical Articles

Are ATUs Necessary for a Field Radio Kit?

In Parts One and Two of our field antenna series we looked at a sampling of resonant and non-resonant field antennas. One of the practical differences between resonant and non-resonant […]

Elecraft KX2 Transceiver on table with logbook
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Choosing the Right Non-Resonant Antenna

In Part One of our series on choosing field-portable HF antennas, we discussed some of the factors involved in making a decision. We looked at the practical side of matching […]

Sotabeams Telescopic Mast ham radio antenna kit
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

How to Choose the Right Resonant HF Field Antenna

I’d estimate that about 90% of my on-the-air time lately is spent in the field. Indeed, since the first day I was licensed back in 1997, I’ve looked for any […]