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New Vendor/Product Spotlight: I0JXX Antennas

One of our favorite parts of every DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog is Page 4. That’s where we traditionally highlight new products that we’ve added to the more than 30,000 amateur radio items already found at In the 2024 version of the catalog (available next month), Page 4 features a range of new offerings to upgrade your stations:

Along with the above, Page 4 proudly showcases quality-constructed antennas from I0JXX, available right now at

I0JXX is recognized by hams worldwide for their innovative designs, use of quality materials, and excellent workmanship in every antenna and part they produce. DX Engineering is pleased to now offer an excellent selection of high-performance I0JXX 23cm Yagis, 70cm Yagis, VHF/UHF log-periodic dipole arrays, 2M Yagis, 6M Yagis, 6M/2M Yagis, 2320 MHz Yagis, and finely constructed parabolic antenna feedpoint elements. Choose from the following:

6M Yagis

2M Yagis

2320 MHz Yagi

2,400 MHz Yagi

23cm Yagis

1090 MHz Aircraft ADS-B Receive Antenna

70cm Yagis

Multiband VHF/UHF Log-Periodic Dipole Arrays

6M/2M Yagi

Also find I0JXX Parabolic Antenna Feedpoint Elements for 10 GHz and 24 GHz at These elements—like the 10 GHz, 30W model below (JXX-18470-F3-1F)—capture the signals reflected from the parabolic dish and shield them from extraneous radiation from other sources.

Find many more details and place your order for I0JXX products at

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