Articles written by: Ward Silver, N0AX

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Fall HF Contests at the Start of Cycle 25

May the flux be upon us! The buzz is definitely all about Cycle 25 getting underway and the long-delayed anticipation of plentiful long-distance QSOs on the upper HF bands. Endless […]

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Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Little Pistol Low-Band Antennas

Some of the biggest challenges presented to the Little Pistol, especially one who wants to become a Medium Gun, are the low bands. This generally means 10 MHz and lower, […]

hf Propagation pattern diagram
Technical Articles

HF Propagation at the Equinox

All things being equal… Here comes fall, the time of year when the northern hemisphere emerges from the summertime HF doldrums. At the same time, the southern hemisphere hams are […]

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HAM Radio 101

First Field Day for NØAX

Well, this is different! When you are just getting started in ham radio, this “Field Day” thing is a Big Mystery. Sometime in late winter, the club chatter starts up […]

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Technical Articles

Propagation Paths–The Long and Short of It

Getting Around on the Bands This article focuses on one of my favorite interests: How HF signals get around. When asked the question, “Why are you into ham radio?” I […]

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Technical Articles

Brushing Up On Math: Some Basic and Handy Calculator Tools for Hams

Uh-oh, just lost half the audience at the title! Don’t despair, you needn’t be an engineer to do the simple calculations we all encounter in ham radio, sooner or later. […]

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HAM Radio 101

Ham Radio Contesting Etiquette for Contesters and Non-Contesters Alike

Why, yes, there is etiquette in contesting! Even though it may sound like chaos in places, there is a method in the madness. Every sport has its etiquette—certain things you […]

vintage ham radio license manual book
HAM Radio 101

Getting My License

What got you started in ham radio? What keeps you in ham radio? How did you get your license and what was your first station like? Quite a trip back […]

how to filter coaxial cable illustration
Technical Articles

Simple Filters from Transmission Line Stubs

In my previous article, I discussed overload from broadcast stations and the filters that could block those strong signals from getting to your radio. In this article, I’ll illustrate a […]

ferrite iron cores inside a ham radio filter
Technical Articles

Preventing AM and FM Overload

It’s common to experience interference from a nearby broadcast station, including commercial and public safety transmitters. The usual symptom is a continuous stream of distorted audio on all channels or […]