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audio noise isolator adapter
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Troubleshooting Hum, Buzz, Crosstalk, and RF Pickup

Hams are typically less precise in their use of technical terms than are professional engineers and technicians. Nowhere is this more true than in descriptions of signals contaminated with unwanted […]

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Long-Duration HF Contesting Tips: Looking Beyond Your Equipment…Tips on Coming Out on Top

Contests come in a lot of shapes and sizes, from domestic sprints lasting a few hours to weekend-long, 48-hour worldwide DX contests. The difference can be as great as between […]

MFJ Voice keyer
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Contesting Equipment Guide: Small Upgrades that Can Make a Big Difference

So you have a station, you’re operating in the contests, and looking to move up the score listings— excellent! But what to do? Is there a BNR (Big New Radio) […]

DX Engineering’s Color-Coded Ferrite Toroids
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DX Engineering’s Color-Coded Ferrite Toroids

If you purchase ferrite components from most manufacturers, you’ll find that they all look pretty much alike: dark grey beads and toroids and rods without markings or other identification. This […]

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Inductor Selection: Manufacturers Part Numbers

Amateurs have long used the Amidon ( part numbering system for ferrite and powdered iron toroid cores. For powdered iron cores, the Amidon part number begins with a T and […]

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Inductor Selection: Design Sensitivities

When you start designing your own circuits, one of the biggest challenges is not obtaining component values, but choosing from many different types of components all having the same value! […]

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Using Copper Tubing Windings on a Binocular-Core Transformer

It is often effective to use copper tubing as single-turn winding on a binocular-core transformer.  The tubing has extremely low losses and minimizes leakage inductance which extends the transformer’s high […]

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Permeability and Ferrite Material

Since the article was written in 2008, other types of ferrite material have been introduced with different characteristics over the MF and HF frequency ranges.  Type 31 has become popular […]

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Tips for Battery Replacement in Computers, Radios, or Lab Equipment

Due to the lower cost and better performance of non-volatile memory, it is now a common feature of microcontrollers. This reduces the need for batteries to provide backup power to […]

ferrite core winding
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How to Protect Wire from Ferrite

Before winding wire, particularly enameled wire, on a bare ferrite core, take steps to protect the wire from the abrasive ferrite’s edges and corners. If the core has an inside […]