Articles written by: Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ

Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ, is Greene County, Ohio, Emergency Coordinator

HAM Radio 101

EMCOMM: What Does CERT Stand For and Why is It Important?

Per the U.S. government’s “Ready” website, the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program “educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in […]

Technical Articles

What is NVIS?

NVIS stands for Near-Vertical Incidence Skywave. It is used for local-to-medium distances on HF. This is the opposite of DX, which is meant for long distances. The radio waves from […]

Emergency Preparedness
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EMCOMM: Emergency Disaster Kits for Home and Car

Are you prepared for an emergency? During and after an emergency, you (and possibly your family) may need to survive on your own for an undetermined amount of time. Being […]

HAM Radio 101

EMCOMM: The Importance of Social Media

Does social media have a place in the ham radio world? Some say they don’t need it because they have ham radio and it is all they will ever need. […]

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EMCOMM: How to Stay Relevant with Increasing Communications Stability

Is emergency communications dying? With fewer young people joining the ranks, amateur radio is getting older. In addition, amateur radio continuously fights for its allocated spectrum. But what about emergencies? […]

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EMCOMM: The Importance of Exercises

Many organizations and groups decline in membership and participation, particularly in EMCOMM. Sometimes they may not offer the challenge and stimulation that people need to stay involved and active. BService […]

iPower Generator
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EMCOMM: Emergency Power Options

The portable rigs are ready to go. The antennas are chosen and packed. But there are plenty of other needs to think about before you head off for a remote […]

HAM Radio 101

EMCOMM: A Look at How ARES and FEMA are Structured

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is comprised of four levels: National, Section, District, and Local. The National level is run by the ARRL Field Services Manager, who maintains contact […]

Coil for HF Antenna
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EMCOMM: Antennas on the Go

The rigs are ready to go. What’s next? Choosing the right antenna is an important aspect of successful portable operations. While most people know that an antenna is key to […]

Go Box
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EMCOMM: Preparedness and Flexibility of the Go Box

What is a Go Box? The go box–also called go kit, jump kit or EMCOMM box–is a topic that has been much discussed in the amateur radio community. Though extensively […]