Articles written by: Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ

Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ, is Greene County, Ohio, Emergency Coordinator

Technical Articles

Guide to Ham Radio Weather Watching

I previously wrote an article for OnAllBands on the SKYWARN program: “Getting Involved in the Storm Spotter Program.” You can find that article here. One does not have to be […]

Technical Articles

Ham Radio Apps for Apple iPod, iPad, and iPhone

I previously wrote an article about ham radio software for the Mac. I started adding some Apple details as well but quickly realized there was entirely too much information, and […]

HAM Radio 101

Getting Youth Involved: Greene County, Ohio, 4-H Amateur Radio Club

4-H is a non-formal, educational development program offered to students ages 5 through 19. Ohio 4-H youth development reaches more than 240,000 kids each year, preparing them for success by […]

Handy Talkies
Technical Articles

Handy Talky Madness (Part 4): Other Communication Types

So, we have discussed analog ham radio. We have discussed digital ham radio. We have talked about the quality brands and touched upon the cheaper brands. We’ve even explored accessories […]

Technical Articles

Handy Talky Madness (Part 3): And Then There are the Accessories

So, you have your HTs. You can work events. You can talk on nets. Is that the end of the madness? Not even close. Now you need accessories to make […]

Technical Articles

Handy Talky Madness (Part 2): Digital and the Rise of the Cheap HT

As I explained in Part 1 of this series, I love handy talkies (HTs). If there is a 12-step program for this addiction, I better be enrolled. Let’s continue the […]

Technical Articles

Handy Talky Madness (Part 1): Old School and Analog

I love handy talkies (HTs). Some might call it an addiction. So, let’s talk about them. Since there is way too much information for one blog alone, I’ll be covering […]

Technical Articles

Ham Radio Software for Mac and Apple Users

For better or for worse, I am an all-Mac and Apple user. I could write articles for days arguing the benefits and, yes, downfalls of that choice, but I’ll stick […]

HAM Radio 101


Be prepared to help your community during a disaster. Get the special training required to be an ARRL emergency communications volunteer. ARRL’s online courses are offered in a variety of […]


EMCOMM in Action: Providing Communications Support for the Pan Ohio Hope Ride

The Pan Ohio Hope Ride (POHR) is a noncompetitive one–, two–, or four-day cycling event that supports the American Cancer Society. Either as an individual or part of a team, […]