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Yaesu FTDX-101D Ham Radio Transceiver
Products & Product Reviews

Product Profile: Yaesu’s FTdx-101D and FTdx-101MP HF/50MHz Base Transceivers—A Look at These Elite Rigs One Year Later

Released in spring 2019, Yaesu’s FTdx-101 Series transceivers created the kind of positive buzz (not RFI buzz!) that Hams love to hear—fresh rigs combining hybrid narrow bandwidth SDR technologies with […]

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HAM Radio 101

Want to Put Your Ham Radio Skills to Good Use? Get Involved in EmComm!

One of the missions of the Amateur Radio Service is for amateur radio operators to provide public service and emergency communications (EmComm) when needed. We act as a voluntary noncommercial […]

ham radio tower components
Technical Articles

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Thrust Bearing When Protecting Amateur Radio Equipment from Lightning Strikes

Anyone who has had their antenna tower zapped by lightning knows that Mother Nature is not a friend of the Ham Radio community, or cares about how much you’ve invested […]

close up of rf connector ends
HAM Radio 101 / Products & Product Reviews

How to Use DX Engineering’s Custom Cable Builder

Looking for a smart way to improve station performance without making a big investment? A good place to start is installing quality coaxial cables and connectors. How you choose to […]

circuit boards inside a ham radio
Clifton Labs

Replacing the Memory Backup Battery in a Harris RF-590 Receiver

(Editor’s Note: The following article is from the archives of experimenter, inventor, friend of the Ham Radio community, and founder of Clifton Laboratories, Jack Smith, K8ZOA (SK).) I recently acquired a […]

HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: What is “ECOMM?”

Today’s Word of the Day focuses on perhaps the most practical and valuable aspect of Ham Radio—EMCOMM, or emergency communications. When disasters strike and normal lines of communications become disabled, […]

brackets mounted onto a radio antenna tower
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Guide to Tower Accessories That Make Working with Amateur Radio Towers Easier

Every longtime Ham operator has a “tall” tale to tell about the difficulties of working with an antenna tower. There are enough stories of mast slippage during maintenance and hard-to-install […]

Ham Radio station portable go-kit
HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day (Go-Kit): What is a Go-Kit for Field Day?

As ARRL Field Day 2019 nears (June 22-23), many in the Ham Radio community are preparing for the serious business of honing their emergency communications skills. Field Day gives Amateur […]

Ham Radio station portable go-kit

Field Day’s Approaching—What’s in Your Go-Kit?

For many civic-minded individuals, Ham Radio is more than a hobby. It is a means of providing vital communication when disaster strikes. When all else fails, communities in crisis can […]

a handheld ham radio and charger
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How to Choose a Handheld Transceiver

Often, the first radio a new Ham buys is a handheld transceiver (HT). They’re relatively inexpensive and very flexible because handhelds can be used at home, in the car, and […]