Hams You Should Know: Scotty Meyer, KG9Z, DX Engineering Customer Support Specialist

Editor’s Note: Have you ever wondered who was the ham on the other end of your call to DX Engineering? Well, we thought you’d like to know. OnAllBands will be running a series of posts highlighting members of DX Engineering’s customer/technical support team—all accomplished Elmers ready to answer questions whether you’re building your next antenna or deciding which coaxial cable is best for your station.

We are pleased to introduce Scotty Meyer, KG9Z, a ham with more than five decades of devotion to the hobby, an impressive history of working the world, and a wealth of knowledge to share about getting the right gear for your station. He recently joined DX Engineering as a customer/technical support specialist out of Wooster, Ohio (Grid EN90), a stone’s throw from DX Engineering headquarters in Tallmadge near Akron.

Looking for some wise guidance with your DXing? Here are just some of KG9Z’s vital stats: 349 HR Mixed confirmed, with only North Korea (P5), Scarborough Reef (BS7H), and Pratas Island (BQ9P) yet to conquer; 334 CW; 256 RTTY; WAC, 6M; WAS, 160M; and 9 BDXCC. He has been continuously licensed since 1968, is a lifetime member of the ARRL, and has owned the KG9Z call since 1981.

KG9Z was nice enough to answer a few questions for OnAllBands about his life in ham radio.

What first got you interested in ham radio? What about your first QSO?

I have to give some credit to my neighbor, Drew, K8YFM. I was the nosy

15-year-old next door to this 24-year-old young man. I was very curious about this wire that was running from his garage to a tree out front. He showed me his ham radio setup. I’m not really sure I even knew what it was at the time, but I was big into building anything electronic.

I learned and bothered and learned. I finally got my Novice ticket in 1968 with another buddy of mine. I got WN8BPB and he got WN8BPU. We were off to the races, so to speak. I cannot remember in much detail my first QSO, but I am sure I gave out a CQ for way too long and finally got somebody! It wasn’t long after that we worked our first DX. I believe it was a WP4 (Puerto Rico) and YV4 (Venezuela). We were hooked.

Do you have a favorite contact you’ve made?

I’m not sure I have a single favorite contact or QSO, but I am guessing any time I run into a new country, it is a big deal at the time!! I would say running into old ham radio friends who will call you by name when they are the DX and knee deep in a pileup but will still take the time to say, “Hi, Scotty” (WB9Z, K9ZO, KG9N, and K9CT, to name a few).

What do you enjoy most about ham radio?

I would have to say the many aspects of the hobby. There’s something for everybody: making a big score in a contest or just making a few QSOs while out camping; building a huge station or trying anything to combat a HOA situation; Morse code or some new digital communications with computers. I have learned to take a break from the hobby if it gets overwhelming or even routine and come back and maybe even find something new to try.

What advice do you have for people who are thinking of getting into the hobby or to those who have just received their Tech license?

My advice to new hams or prospective hams is don’t be afraid to try something. Some things may work for you and some things may not. Get advice but try it yourself. I always say, “You can ask 10 hams the same question and get 20 different answers.” Try asking about vertical radials and you will see what I mean. Just see what works for you.

Talk about your areas of expertise and how this expertise will benefit DX Engineering customers.

I have some actual formal education in electronics and computers, along with electrical application. Certainly my 53 years in ham radio helps when searching for the perfect answer to assist a customer. I am more than happy to share my personal experiences—what has worked and not worked for me over all these years.

Need to get in touch with an Elmer from the DX Engineering team? Email or call 800-777-0703. For email support 24/7/365, email at Order from more than 30,000 amateur radio products at

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