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New Product/Manufacturer Spotlight: VA6AM Band Pass Filters and Multiplexers

DX Engineering is pleased to announce that it is now carrying exceptional-quality, high-performance, and contest-proven HF band pass filters, diplexers, and triplexers by Pavel, VA6AM.

VA6AM’s products have been relied on by many of the world’s top operators for more than a decade. Now these highly regarded devices are available for your station through DX Engineering. In user reviews, amateur operators who have employed VA6AM products in contesting setups have noted “excellent performance numbers,” “quality of construction,” “better cross-band rejection and harmonic suppression,” band interference that is “either eliminated or attenuated to levels that make it a non-issue,” and filters that have “helped me take my operating to the next level.”

Here is what’s initially available at (more VA6AM products will be added in the future):

150W Band Pass Filters

  • 160M
    • 80M
    • 40M
    • 20M
    • 15M
    • 10M

Perfect for your SO2R or M/S, M/2, M/M contesting stations, these low-power band pass filters are designed to minimize harmonics to allow simultaneous operation on multiple bands. They limit the RF to a single band, effectively eliminating the RF interference issues multi-radio contesters experience when using dedicated monoband stations. They’re also valuable if your Field Day setup includes several monoband radio operators.

These compact (6″ x 3″ x 3″), well-built, and smartly engineered units have undergone significant testing and are made for years of dependable service. They feature 150W ICAS output power, better capacitor reliability than competing filters, a proper balance between good band isolation and low insertion loss, reduced heat dissipation, VSWR of less than 1.1, top-level components, and durable cases. VA6AM notes that 160M and 10M models are Chebyshev type and 80/40/20/15M models are Cauer type filters.

Diplexers and Triplexers

An excellent addition for SO2R and multi-op contesting, Field Day operations, and DXpeditions, VA6AM Diplexers and Triplexers convert a single feedline from a multi-band vertical or wire antenna into independent bands, allowing operators to transmit and listen on different bands at the same time. Units feature solid construction, low insertion loss, high rejection of off-band signals and proven band isolation, and impressive VSWR. Install the appropriate VA6AM band pass filters with your chosen VA6AM multiplexer and see the results during your next operation. (VA6AM cautions to never use a multiplexer without band pass filters connected.) Units come with 2.1mm DC power connectors installed. VA6AM offers a one-year warranty on all parts inside its multiplexers. Options available at include:

200W Triplexers

  • 20/15/10M
    • 80/40/20M
    • 160/80/40M

200W Diplexer

  • 80/40M

150W Split Diplexer (20/15/10M – 160/80/40M)

Enter “VA6AM” at for more information.

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