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OM Power Linear Amplifiers Now Sold Exclusively in North America Through DX Engineering

DX Engineering has been named the exclusive North American distributor of products from OM Power, a company that has been producing high-performance linear amplifiers for the ham radio community since 2004.

Founded by amateur radio enthusiasts in Slovakia, where the company is headquartered, OM Power has grown to become a leader in producing legal-limit tube amplifiers that serve as trusted equipment for successful DXing and contesting stations around the world.

OM Power compact manual and auto tuning HF, HF+6, HF+MARS, and HF+6+MARS amplifiers feature:

  • One or two FU-728F ceramic tetrode tubes capable of providing stable, full legal-limit all-mode output power 
  • 4.3-inch color touchscreen and front panel indicators that let users view the amplifier’s operational status and provide fast access to advanced features and settings
  • Easy maintenance; efficient cooling, even during long on-air sessions; and simplified troubleshooting thanks to built-in memory for faults and warnings
  • Advanced protection circuits that safeguard against high SWR, excessive current, voltage errors, excessive temperatures, and more
  • Full break-in CW capability (QSK) as a distinguishing feature in all OM Power amplifier models
  • Built-in full band change or frequency reading compatibility for modern transceivers; RF sense band change support for legacy transceivers; automatic antenna switching for up to ten antennas; and remote control operation via LAN and PC program download (auto tune models)

DX Engineering is initially carrying these OM Power linear amplifiers, with plans to add more OM Power products available at

NOTICE: The legal operation of any linear amplifier within the applicable regional or country amateur radio regulations is the responsibility of the licensed operator.

Please check for specific features of each amplifier.

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