New Product Spotlight: NanoVNA-F V2 Vector Network Analyzer

Like a lot of gear used in amateur radio, many useful products come in rather small packages. Now available from DX Engineering, the upgraded NanoVNA-F V2 Vector Network Analyzer (5″ L x 3″ W x 0.80″ D) is no exception. This compact, portable, and powerful analyzer delivers a range of valuable functions that belie its diminutive stature.

Features of this handheld unit include:

  • 4.3″ IPS TFT LCD screen (800 x 480 resolution): Its large view angle lets you use the device for long periods without eye strain. The screen can also be clearly viewed in strong outdoor light.
  • Ability to measure and display S-parameter, VSWR, phase map, group delay, Smith chart, and more.
  • Measurement range of 50k-3 GHz, with the ability to expand the frequency to 10Khz-1.5 GHz from the company website
  • 5000mAh high-capacity lithium battery with up to seven hours of life on a single charge
  • Sturdy aluminum shell to protect SMA head and reduce external electromagnetic wave interference for more accurate readings
  • Frequency accuracy of <0.5ppm
  • Easy firmware updates

The NanoVNA-F V2 Vector Network Analyzer comes with:

  • 1  SAA-2N Host
  • 1 Micro USB Data Cable
  • 2 500mm N-type Male to Male RG142-PUR RF Cables
  • 1 N-Type Male Calibration Kit-OPEN
  • 1 N-Type Male Calibration Kit-SHORT
  • 1 N-Type Male Calibration Kit-LOAD
  • 1 N-Type Female to Female Connector
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • 1 Touching Screen Paddle and Lanyard

Enter “NanoVNA-F” at DXEngineering.com to check on current availability.

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