Amateur Radio News

Amateur Radio News

Get Out Your Red Pen—The New 2021 DX Engineering Catalog is Here!

Like many of you, the active hams at DX Engineering remember youthful days of leafing through crisp new catalogs, circling the items that we wanted, and then wishing we had […]

Amateur Radio News

A Very Happy Birthday to James Clerk Maxwell!

!James Clerk Maxwell was a Scottish physicist born on June 13, 1831. He is best known for formulating the theory of electromagnetic radiation that he published in his Dynamical Theory […]

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Memories of Field Day Adventures

I started out in Amateur Radio 40 years ago this summer, and I have participated in Field Day, in one way or another, every year. My experiences have been many […]

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ARISS Columbus Radio Station Back On the Air

After being rendered non-operational following a January 27 spacewalk that was conducted to install an HMU-601 cable for the Bartolomeo commercial platform, the ARISS Columbus Radio Station returned to the […]

Amateur Radio News Redesigned for Smartphone-Friendly Searching and Ordering

The team at DX Engineering is always looking for ways to help hams get the radios, antennas, and accessories they need as easily as possible. After all, they’re active operators […]

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Intrepid-DX Group Begins Preparations to Activate Bouvet Island in 2023 (Video)

For legions of longtime DXers, Bouvet Island (3Y) remains an elusive gem in their DXCC crown. And while North Korea (P5) may stand as the undisputed Holy Grail of contacts […]

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Help the NCVEC Create New Question Material for the 2022-2026 Technician’s Exam

Is your brain jam-packed with enthusiast-level Ham know-how that you’ve just been dying to share? Put it to practical use by submitting ideas for new and modified question material for […]

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Plans to Retrieve Titanic’s Marconi Wireless Radio Face Sinking Trajectory

In May of 2020, federal judge Rebecca Beach Smith ruled against the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) allowing salvage firm RMS Titanic, Inc. (RMST) the rights to retrieve the […]

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Invite DX Engineering CEO Tim Duffy, K3LR, to Your Amateur Radio Club Meeting

Whether your Amateur Radio club has started meeting in person or is still going the virtual route, keeping members fully engaged isn’t always easy. Here’s an idea that is sure […]

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Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS)—“Proudly Serving Those Who Serve”

You may be surprised to learn that MARS doesn’t always necessitate a fiery launch into orbit, conveniently-packaged freeze-dried snacks, or a red planet touchdown. This four-letter planetary reference is also […]