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73 Magazine cover from April 1967
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Ham Radio and Morse Code in Popular Culture: MAD, 73 Magazine,  and Remembering Artist Wayne Pierce, K3SUK (SK)

Amateur operator Jeffrey Swain Makes Sure His Mentor’s Callsign, K3SUK, Lives on. Once upon a time, American teenagers—and plenty of adults with subversive tendencies—turned to MAD magazine every month for […]

Hand-Held transceiver
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So, You’re Ready to Buy Your First Handheld Transceiver. Now What?

You just got your first license. Congratulations! Now you are ready to buy your first radio. For many of us, our first radio was a handheld (HT) transceiver. On the […]

Grenada QSL Card, J340
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It’s All in the Cards!QSL Cards from Grenada

Grenada QRV in March The Belgian J38R DXpedition to Grenada, the 153rd Most Wanted DXCC Entity per Clublog as of February, kicked off in early March. Were you able to […]

Juan Fernandez DXpedition team holding DX Engineering banner

DX Engineering-Sponsored CB0ZA Juan Fernandez Islands DXpedition a Big Success

Unlike Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk, who was famously marooned on Mas a Tierra Island from 1704-1709, the CB0ZA DXpedition team on Robinson Crusoe Island had plenty of on-air company during […]

Shackmaster Power 500
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New Products Spotlight: RigExpert Shackmaster Power 500 Power Supply and 3000 Zoom Antenna Analyzer

The release of the 2024 DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog is drawing near. To whet your appetite for all the new equipment featured inside, we’ve been highlighting gear you’ll […]

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Professors and Topics Announced for 2024 Contest University. Register Today!

Do you remember the excitement of poring over class selections at the beginning of each semester at college? The learning opportunities seemed endless! I’d be willing to bet that you […]

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Ham Mobile Install: A Few Things to Consider about Transceiver Placement and Detachable Heads

In this installment of Ham Mobile Install, we will talk about selecting a radio, where to mount it in the vehicle, and placing a detachable head. When choosing a mobile […]

Technical Articles

What is a Band Stacking Register? MPAD? QMB?

Ask your ham radio friends what a Band Stacking Register is and you’re likely to get some blank stares. Others may pull out their smartphones and do an Internet search. […]

Technical Articles

Types of Feed Line Chokes

A feed line RF choke creates a high impedance in the path of RF common-mode current on the outside surface of a coaxial cable shield. The choke doesn’t affect currents […]


Celebrate International Women’s Day by Participating in the YL POTA Party

Watch out “Old Man” hams! The Young Ladies Radio League, Inc. (YLRL) is celebrating its 85th year as the premier amateur radio organization run by and for the advancement and promotion […]