Missing Hamvention®? Get Together Online for Free Contest University and DX Engineering’s New Product Showcase

Like so many Ham-related activities this year, Hamvention 2020 was unfortunately called off due to public health concerns. While we know this was a great disappointment to many, including the DX Engineering team, we’ve decided to take the lemons we’ve been handed and make virtual lemonade. Here are two DX Engineering events you’ll want to mark on your calendar:

2020 Online Contest University, Thursday, May 14

Usually held in Dayton, Ohio, prior to Hamvention, this year’s Contest University will take place online via Zoom—free and open to all. Can’t sit for the whole day? Jump in whenever you want. You’re sure to find something to help you improve your scores and get your station prepared for contesting season. As usual, some of the biggest names in radiosport will be ready to share their wisdom. Capping the day will be CQ Magazine’s Dave, K3ZJ, presenting the 2020 CQ Contest Hall of Fame awards.

To register online, click here, click the Register Now button, and fill in the online form.

Connection details to the Contest University Zoom bridge will be posted on the Contest University website a week before the event. Here is the schedule:

8:45  Welcome to CTU 2020 from W8CI, K3LR, and N9JA

9:00  W3LPL—Effective Low Band Receiving Antennas

10:00 W2NAF—2020 Solar Cycle Update and the HF Response to Ionospheric Storms and Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances

11:00 N6TV—Everything You Need to Know About USB and Serial Interfaces

12:00 Lunch on your own

12:25 K1AR—Memorial reading of the Silent Keys for 2020

12:30 NN1C—Exuberance and Youth Contesting: Update on What is Going On

1:00 W0YK—Digital Contesting Hints and Kinks

2:00 K1DG—Optimizing your Station for Contest Operations

3:00 N0AX—Grounding and Bonding for Contest Stations

4:00 NC0B—Contest and DX Performance, Great RX Performance, TX Limitations

5:00 W3LPL—60 Years of Competitive Contesting: The W3LPL Story

6:00 K3ZJ—Presentation of CQ Contest Hall of Fame 2020

For those who can’t attend online, the video and slide decks of 2020 Online Contest University will be available for free viewing after May 14 at Check out these videos from past Contest University events dating back to 2013. And find current and past Contest University Textbooks for purchase at

DX Engineering New Products Showcase, Friday, May 15

Join the active operators at DX Engineering for an online gathering of Hams from around the world during DX Engineering’s 2020 New Products Showcase. Starting at 9 am EDT (1300 UTC), members of the DX Engineering team will be on Facebook Live for a morning packed with information and weekend specials!

Look for more details coming soon on DX Engineering’s Facebook page.

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