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close up of a rf connector on coaxial cable
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Choosing the Right Coaxial Cable (Part 1): RG-214 Double-Shielded 50-ohm Coaxial Cable

Over the next few weeks, OnAllBands will be turning our attention to coaxial cable—a critical part of every station setup that too frequently gets neglected in lieu of adding the […]

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Product Profile: DX Engineering RG-214 Double Shielded 50-ohm Coaxial Cable

Editor’s Note: DX Engineering’s team of Elmers can’t be with you in person to discuss their lineup of new Amateur Radio products, so OnAllBands will be featuring some of the […]

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Field Day Gear Series Part 1:Good Field Day Prep Begins with a Good Look at Your Coaxial Cables

As we do every year for this annual series on preparing for a successful ARRL Field Day (June 22-23, 2024), OnAllBands would like to remind you that there is no […]

rf tech assembling a coaxial cable and connector
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How to Quickly Get the Precise Coaxial Cable Assembly for Your Ham Radio Station

Say you need an 18-foot run of low-loss coaxial cable to replace an old, worn-out stretch that is negatively affecting your station’s performance. You want the cable to have type-N […]

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10 Reasons to Use the DX Engineering DXE-FBC Ferrite Bead Choke Kit

From time to time, OnAllBands presents our readers with a fresh look at a proven DX Engineering product to provide a clear and concise explanation of how it can make […]

close up of a dx engineering connector on coaxial cable
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Preparing for ARRL Field Day 2023 (Part 1): How Are Your Coaxial Cables Looking These Days?

Could there be anything about ham radio less exciting than a coaxial cable? If your heart skips a beat and your eyes widen at the sight of the latest SDR […]

DX Engineering Coaxial Cable
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Gearing Up for ARRL Field Day 2022 (Part 1): Upgrade Your Coaxial Cable

If you’re like the active hams at DX Engineering, you’ve likely had the weekend of June 25-26 circled in bright red on your calendar for some time now. If you […]

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Choosing the Right Coaxial Cable (Part 8): RG-11U 75-ohm Bulk Coax

Before we discuss the finer points of RG-11U in this final installment of our series on Choosing the Right Coaxial Cable, let’s do a brief rundown of the DX Engineering […]

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Choosing the Right Coaxial Cable (Part 7): RG-58A/U 52-ohm Coax

For many hams, price is a factor that looms over all their decisions when building a station. It’s a reality that DX Engineering understands well. But that doesn’t mean you […]

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Choosing the Right Coaxial Cable (Part 4): RG-8/U Low-Loss 50-ohm Foam Dielectric Coax

As we present Part 4 in our series on Choosing the Right Coaxial Cable, you’ve likely come to understand from earlier posts that shopping for the ideal coax is not […]