K3LR Super Station to Host Young Hams During the RSGB IOTA Contest on July 29

DX Engineering has a long history of supporting young hams. The experienced operators at the company recognize the importance of extending opportunities to the bright and talented youngsters who represent the future of amateur radio. It’s part of DX Engineering’s commitment to paying it forward to the ham radio community.

In the spirit of being Elmers—one of the hallmarks of this great hobby—DX Engineering and CEO Tim Duffy, K3LR, have gotten behind many youth-oriented efforts including the Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure (YDXA). Dave Kalter, KB8OCP (SK), was a founding member of the YDXA. The program was named in his honor after he became a silent key in November 2013.

Every year since its founding, the program has sent licensed hams ages 12-17 on DXpeditions with the goal of honing their abilities and creating unforgettable experiences that will foster a lifelong passion for amateur radio.

While past trips have sent operators to Costa Rica and Curacao (contest station PJ2T), this year will be the first time the event will take place in the United States. Youth participants Katherine Campbell, KE8LQR; Grace Papay, KE8RJU; Lilly Colon, W8LIL; Agnes Wagner, AD8IR; and Ben Wagner, AD8FQ will be operating on July 29 from the K3LR super station in western Pennsylvania during the 2023 RSGB IOTA Contest, which runs from July 29, 1200Z to July 30, 1200Z. The group will be using the W3Y special callsign. K3LR, N8AMY, and K8MNJ will serve as hosts of the operation, which will be led by W8CI and AB8YK.

Prior to arriving at K3LR, participants and parents will be treated to lunch and a tour of DX Engineering headquarters in Tallmadge, Ohio.

The 2023 adventure is also being sponsored by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA).

“Giving y0ung amateur radio enthusiasts the chance to operate from a well-equipped, powerful station can be a life-changing experience,” says Tim, K3LR. “We’ve hosted some truly talented youngsters at K3LR, and it’s always amazing to watch them work with such skill and poise. I look forward to seeing what island groups W3Y will be putting in their logbooks on July 29.” 

For up-to-date details and to make a donation, visit the Youth DX Adventure website.

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