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Choosing the Right Coaxial Cable (Part 8): RG-11U 75-ohm Bulk Coax

Before we discuss the finer points of RG-11U in this final installment of our series on Choosing the Right Coaxial Cable, let’s do a brief rundown of the DX Engineering coaxial cables we’ve covered in previous posts:

Today, we finish off the list with another excellent option, DX Engineering RG-11U 75-ohm Bulk Coaxial Cable.


  • Manufactured specifically for DX Engineering
  • Low-loss, gas-injected PE foam dielectric
  • Low-density, waterproof polyethylene jacket
  • Black UV-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use


  • Great for direct-bury applications
  • Ideal for impedance-matching phasing cables for arrays from HF four squares to VHF applications
  • 82% velocity of propagation provides the longer cables necessary to reach from a center-of-the-array-mounted four square controller to each element at the corners of the array

Installing Connectors:

Watch this video on DXE-11U Cable Preparation using the DX Engineering UT-8213 Coax Cable Stripping Tool.

Protect your investment! Take a moment to watch this excellent DX Engineering video featuring Rod, K8RR, and Mark, W8BBQ, on weatherproofing coaxial connections using the DX Engineering Weatherproofing Kit.

Availability: DX Engineering 11U cable is easily terminated with any of the solder- and crimp-type PL-259 (UHF male) and N-connectors which are designed for installation on 0.405″ OD, RG-8U sized cables. It can also be purchased fully customized by using DX Engineering’s Custom Cable Builder.

What do hams say?

Five Stars: “Needed this for a stub for my Butternut vertical antenna. Good price and good quality. Didn’t realize how fast DXE shipped items even during Covid-19.”

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or prefer your coaxial ready to install right out of the package, DX Engineering offers three solutions to accommodate your preference:

Not sure what coaxial cable is right for your station? Looking for tips on maintaining and preparing your cables? Check out these OnAllBands articles:

You’ll find coaxial cable; connectors; cable prep tools and kits; cable ties, loops, and wraps; and more at

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