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Tips for Tidying Up Cables

A well-equipped ham shack is chock full of transmitters, receivers, (or at least transceivers), antenna tuners, coaxial switches, radio accessories and all manner of electronic equipment. All of these things have one thing in common: cables.

As you look around your shack, there are cables everywhere. There are antenna cables, power cables, control cables, test cables, cables and cables. Cables everywhere! Just think how much nicer you could make it look if all those cables were neatly bundled!

DX Engineering Hook and Loop Cable Wraps DXE-HB-06-1PK-RDEver since Velcro™ was first introduced, hook and loop fasteners have been applied to almost everything…from tennis shoes to biomedical prosthetics, to spacesuits and much more. When it comes to tidying up the ham shack, nothing works better than DX Engineering Hook and Loop Cable Wraps!

DX Engineering offers several products to neaten up your cables. DX Engineering Hook and Loop Cable Wraps are some of the best because they’re reusable. They cling tightly to themselves, allowing you to bundle wires and cables neatly and efficiently. But they also pull apart easily when you need to add cables or re-position cable runs.

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