Technical Articles

Technical Articles

Part 2: How to Build Antennas from a Blind Ham’s Perspective (and if You’re Not Blind, You’ll Learn Something, Too!)

Editor’s Note: Over the next several months, OnAllBands will be featuring a series of articles from Harry “Trippy” Brown, AC8S, longtime amateur operator and antenna builder/tester who’s never let his […]

Ham Radio Splatter Readout
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When it Comes to Ham Radio, Splatter Matters

In the course of my ham operations, I sometimes hear stations that splatter, some more than others. Last week, there were a couple of DX stations that obviously wanted to […]

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What is NVIS?

NVIS stands for Near-Vertical Incidence Skywave. It is used for local-to-medium distances on HF. This is the opposite of DX, which is meant for long distances. The radio waves from […]

Emergency Preparedness
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EMCOMM: Emergency Disaster Kits for Home and Car

Are you prepared for an emergency? During and after an emergency, you (and possibly your family) may need to survive on your own for an undetermined amount of time. Being […]

Low Band Vertical
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Improving Your Low-Band Vertical

Here we are, just past the solar minimum with Cycle 25 just getting started. Fall is a great time for HF propagation as we’ve discussed earlier. Should you focus on […]

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Tech Tips for Assembling/Installing a New Beam or Vertical Antenna

Here are just a few tips on what to do when assembling a new antenna. The suggestions hold true for both vertical and horizontal antennas. This is a basic information […]

3M Weatherproofing Tape
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DX Engineering Winter Purchasing Guide (Part 1): Put Station Weatherproofing Tops on Your To-Do List

As the weather turns colder and Contest Season fades into the past for another year, it’s a good time to think about shack upgrades and smart maintenance practices to keep […]

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EMCOMM: How to Stay Relevant with Increasing Communications Stability

Is emergency communications dying? With fewer young people joining the ranks, amateur radio is getting older. In addition, amateur radio continuously fights for its allocated spectrum. But what about emergencies? […]

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EMCOMM: The Importance of Exercises

Many organizations and groups decline in membership and participation, particularly in EMCOMM. Sometimes they may not offer the challenge and stimulation that people need to stay involved and active. BService […]

iPower Generator
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EMCOMM: Emergency Power Options

The portable rigs are ready to go. The antennas are chosen and packed. But there are plenty of other needs to think about before you head off for a remote […]