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Sangean weather radio
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Product Spotlight: Weatherproofing, Weather Stations, Storm Spotting, and More at DX Engineering

As winter’s chill reaches its peak at DX Engineering headquarters near Akron, Ohio, the inclement weather is very much on our minds at OnAllBands. While we chip ice off our […]

Antenna analyzer and protective case
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DX Engineering Ham Radio Holiday Gift Guide (Part 6): Antenna Analyzers and Weatherproofing Kits!

Remember those magical winter mornings as a kid, running down the stairs in your Bullwinkle footie pajamas, joyously ripping open a pristinely wrapped box of rubber splicing tape, and exclaiming, […]

3M Weatherproofing Tape
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DX Engineering Winter Purchasing Guide (Part 1): Put Station Weatherproofing Tops on Your To-Do List

As the weather turns colder and Contest Season fades into the past for another year, it’s a good time to think about shack upgrades and smart maintenance practices to keep […]

HAM Radio 101

Weatherproofing 101: Quick Guide to Weatherproofing

When it comes to Ham Radio, water is not your friend. Taking the time to properly weatherproof your outdoor equipment can keep your station operating at peak performance and keep […]

Lightning Protector for coaxial cable
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The Importance of Weatherproofing Lightning Protectors

Most amateur radio operators (hams) know they should weatherproof any coaxial cable connections that are outdoors to prevent moisture entering your coax connectors. However, many hams don’t realize you must […]

hamplus remote switch, mounted to side of house
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Ham Radio Tips: Keep Your Feet on the Ground and Your Station on the Air

Having entered my seventh decade, I know I can’t do all the stuff I used to do when I was in my 30s. Climbing trees, towers, and extension ladders or […]

woman at desk of a ham radio station
Field Day

Five Tips for a Successful Field Day

ARRL Field Day 2023 (June 24-25) is rapidly approaching. Are you ready? Here are a few friendly reminders to help make this year’s event the most successful ever. Be Prepared […]

video conference call screen shot

Hams Complete Successful DX Engineering-Sponsored Kiska Island Activation (Video)

What did it take for the K7K DXpedition team to record more than 11,600 QSOs during their damp and windy stay on Kiska Island (NA-070) in the Aleutians? Watch operator […]

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DX Engineering Sponsors Rare Activation of Kiska Island, July 25-31!

While the United States ranks at the very bottom of the DXCC Most-Wanted List, there are still locales in North America, particularly as you near the far reaches of the […]

DX Engineering RF Coaxial Connectors
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Spring Antenna Repairs and Upgrades for Ham Radio Stations

With all the storms that pounded us this winter, now is the time to check your antennas for wear and damage. How do you check for problems and where do […]