HAM Radio 101

Weatherproofing 101: Quick Guide to Weatherproofing

When it comes to Ham Radio, water is not your friend. Taking the time to properly weatherproof your outdoor equipment can keep your station operating at peak performance and keep your coaxial cable connectors, antenna connectors, lightning protectors, and other gear in top condition—and that means saving money you can spend on other upgrades. Here’s some good advice on weatherproofing your lightning protectors from OnAllBands.

Rain, melting snow, and condensation creeping into your coaxial cables can lead to reduced performance, noise and possible shorts that could damage expensive equipment.

DX Engineering offers several coaxial connection weatherproofing kits that include high-quality 3M rubber splicing tape to create a strong water barrier and electrical tape for added UV protection. Other kits come with self-adhesive weatherproofing material and Scotch UV-resistant electrical tape. See all DX Engineering weatherproofing kits here.

And check out this DX Engineering video on weatherproofing coaxial cable connectors.


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