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Ferrite—An Inexpensive Way for Hams to Improve Their Time on Air PART 3: DX Engineering Bead Choke Standoff Kits

In our last blog post exploring DX Engineering ferrite products, we looked at High Impedance Common Mode RF Choke Kits, which include either 30 or 40 ferrite toroid bead chokes […]

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Ferrite—An inexpensive Way for Hams to Improve Their Time on Air (Part 2): DX Engineering High Impedance Common Mode RF Choke Kits

It’s no secret that common mode RF riding on the outside shield of a feedline is a super-villain to Hams, causing interference, tuning problems, erroneous meter readings, and distortion or […]

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Ferrite—An Inexpensive Way for Hams to Improve Their Time on Air (Part 1): DX Engineering Color-Coded Ferrite RF Noise Reduction Kits

We’ve talked a great deal in OnAllBands about the benefits of using selected mixes of ferrite toroids and beads to block and dissipate RF currents—a technique for suppressing radio frequency […]

Clifton Labs

Data on Ferrite Transformers

(Editor’s Note: The following article is from the archives of experimenter, inventor, friend of the Ham Radio community, and founder of Clifton Laboratories, Jack Smith, K8ZOA (SK).) In working on a […]

DX Engineering’s Color-Coded Ferrite Toroids
Products & Product Reviews

DX Engineering’s Color-Coded Ferrite Toroids

If you purchase ferrite components from most manufacturers, you’ll find that they all look pretty much alike: dark grey beads and toroids and rods without markings or other identification. This […]

HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: Ferrite–What it is and Why You Need It

If your station suffers from radio frequency interference (RFI), today’s Word of Day, ferrite, should become an immediate and permanent part of your Ham Radio vocabulary. Different mixes of ferrite—a […]

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Permeability and Ferrite Material

Since the article was written in 2008, other types of ferrite material have been introduced with different characteristics over the MF and HF frequency ranges.  Type 31 has become popular […]

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How to Protect Wire from Ferrite

Before winding wire, particularly enameled wire, on a bare ferrite core, take steps to protect the wire from the abrasive ferrite’s edges and corners. If the core has an inside […]

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Ferrite Chokes, What are They, Anyway?

In other OnAllBand entries, we’ve covered what ferrites are, how their behavior varies with frequency, and some of their applications in the ham station.  This time, we’ll focus on their […]

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What is Ferrite Used For, Anyway (Part 2)

In the OnAllBands entry, “What is Ferrite, Anyway?” we discussed what ferrite is and what makes up a “mix.”  We also explored how ferrite behaves at different frequencies. Ferrite has […]