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Choosing the Right Coaxial Cable (Part 7): RG-58A/U 52-ohm Coax

For many hams, price is a factor that looms over all their decisions when building a station. It’s a reality that DX Engineering understands well. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice performance to save some money on coaxial cable—the backbone of your operation. That’s why DX Engineering offers a range of coaxial cable options to match any need and bank account, from premium RG-214 Double-Shielded 50-ohm to the subject of today’s post, RG-58A/U 52-ohm Coaxial Cable.

DX Engineering RG-58A/U 52-ohm coax is a highly flexible, high-quality bulk coaxial cable at a budget-conscious price.


  • 20 AWG tinned copper center conductor
  • PVC Type-1 jacket
  • Tinned braided copper shield
  • Polyethylene dielectric
  • 95-97% shield coverage
  • Uses PL-259 or two-piece N-connectors. Both connector types must be used with reducing adapters that fit RG-58 cable


  • Ideal for all indoor and some outdoor applications where UV exposure is not an issue
  • Suited for low- to medium-power amateur stations

Availability: RG-58A/U is available by the foot (DXE-58AU) or fully customized by using DX Engineering’s Custom Cable Builder.

Protect your investment! Take a moment to watch this excellent DX Engineering video featuring Rod, K8RR, and Mark, W8BBQ, on weatherproofing coaxial connections using the DX Engineering Weatherproofing Kit.

What do hams say?

Five Stars: “This cable is a really great value. It was super easy to strip, even more so than more expensive versions. The jacket held up well while applying heat-shrink tubing. I have had RG-58 jackets melt before with alarming ease. Delivery was prompt and everything was packaged well. I recorded less loss than expected. This is a no-brainer…just buy it!”

Five Stars: “Very good quality. Very good price. I use this to make 450-ohm ladder line slim jim emergency antennas.”

Five Stars: “Good construction and a quality coax. Easy to work with.”

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or prefer your coaxial ready to install right out of the package, DX Engineering offers three solutions to accommodate your preference:

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