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EMCOMM: ARES and RACES—What’s the Difference?

Emergency service programs are a staple of the Amateur Radio community. There can be some confusion about the roles of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES), which is the ARRL […]

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Word of the Day: RACES (the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service)

Yesterday we highlighted ARES, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service®. Today, our Word of the Day focuses on another standby volunteer emergency communication organization made up of trained Hams—RACES, the Radio […]

Technical Articles

AUXC Qualification in Ohio

Most people know about the AUXCOMM course from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). For those who do not, here is a quick rundown from my previous AUXCOMM article: The […]


Ham Radio 101: Caught Up in the Net

Looking for a place to hang out on the air? Want to know what’s going on locally in amateur radio? Find the net! Net is shorthand for network. Networks can […]


Amateur Radio: The Ultimate WWII Ally, Plus December Special Events to Remember Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor: A Catalyst to War One hour and fifteen minutes. That’s how long it took for Japanese forces to bomb Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, with devastating results. […]

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Be a Show-Off for Amateur Radio

We know that amateur radio is the greatest hobby in the world—it has something for everyone. But what about the average Joe or Jane who doesn’t know what ham radio […]

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ARRL Kids Day is Almost Here: A Few Tips on How to get Kids Involved in the Adventure and Fun of Ham Radio!

On June 17, children from around the globe will come together for a little ham-motivated fun during ARRL Kids Day 2023. The biannual event (also held in January) provides youngsters […]

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Public Service Events: Ham Radio at the Southern Ohio Forest Rally

The Southern Ohio Forest Rally (SOFR) races on roads that cut through the forests of Vinton, Ross, and Hocking counties. The 2022 race featured 95 rally car entries enjoying lots […]

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Public Service and Ham Radio: Volunteering for the Air Force Marathon

The first official Air Force Marathon was run September 20, 1997, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United States Air Force. Held annually the third Saturday in September, the […]

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Public Service: Why Ham Radio Operators Help Out in Their Communities

Bikes waiting for the second leg of a local triathlon Amateur radio operators volunteer to help their communities in good times and bad through community events, disaster response, and various […]