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Product Spotlight: Unified Microsystems XT-4 MK2 CW Memory Keyer

A CW memory keyer can be a ham’s best friend in the heat of a Morse code contest, where every second counts. You can read about these useful devices along with a lot of other great information in this article from Ward, N0AX, “CW Pileups for Beginning Ham Radio Contesters.”

DX Engineering is pleased to carry one of the devices mentioned in the above article—the upgraded XT-4 MK2 CW Memory Keyer from Unified Microsystems.

United Microsystems XT-4 Memory Keyer
(Image/DX Engineering)

This small, lightweight battery-powered CW memory keyer is a great choice for Field Day, POTA, SOTA, DXpeditions, mobile ops, and multi-operator scenarios. The XT-4 MK2 is designed to work with modern solid-state rigs with positive keying. Features include:

  • Fully iambic with self-completing characters
  • CW speed range of 8 to 45 WPM
  • Each of the four memories can hold approximately 240 Morse characters
  • Memory locations are non-volatile; they save your programmed information even when the power is removed
  • Easily program in your CQ, call sign, and contest exchanges. Between contests, program in QSO information like your name, QTH, and rig information.
  • Programming is simple—just press the record and message buttons and start sending
  • A 9V alkaline battery is good for several hundred hours of heavy use
  • Power save function automatically puts the XT-4 MK2 into an ultra-power saving mode after 15 minutes of inactivity in case you forget to turn it off
  • Pressing the paddle instantly brings the device back to normal operation
  • Paddle reverse function lets you reverse the dit and dah keys without rewiring the cable

XT-4 Cable Sets

Sets include cables to the paddle and transmitter. Paddle cable has connector to the XT-4 on one end and stripped and tinned wires on the other. The KC-4 Cable Set (below) has the transmitter cable terminated with a 1/4″ mono phone plug. The KC-8 Cable Set has the transmitter cable terminated with a 1/8″ plug.

cable set for XT-4 memory Keyer
(Image/DX Engineering)

What Do Hams Say About the XT-4 MK2 CW Memory Keyer?

Five Stars: “I had one of these for a long time. I needed one for a new transmitter, so I ordered one. Excellent unit—easy to program. I would buy another one.”

Edward, DX Engineering Customer
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