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What is a Repeater and How Do You Use One to Communicate?

Want to get the best possible coverage in a marginal location, like inside a building or down in a valley? A repeater system can rebroadcast your transmitted and received signals […]

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The Sunspot Cycle and How it Affects Ham Radio

There are many factors that can affect our enjoyment of Ham Radio. Some annoyances may be only a few feet away, such as an electric lamp or computer causing RF […]

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What Does SK Mean in Ham Radio?

In Ham Radio, SK has a dual meaning. When you see it placed after a callsign, SK stands for “silent key,” signifying the operator is deceased. SK is also a […]


DX Engineering Announces DXE Hamfest with Free Flea Market, August 10, 2019

DX Engineering will be holding its first “DXE Hamfest” on Saturday, August 10, featuring a free flea market, giveaways, special discounts, a Go-Kit contest, and satellite operation demonstrations. The event […]

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Word of the Day: YOTA (Youngsters on the Air)

The world is different from the time many of us got hooked on Ham Radio. Skyping was something we saw on the Jetsons, and our worldwide web existed between the […]

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Guide to Tower Accessories That Make Working with Amateur Radio Towers Easier

Every longtime Ham operator has a “tall” tale to tell about the difficulties of working with an antenna tower. There are enough stories of mast slippage during maintenance and hard-to-install […]

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What is “Flutter?” (Word of the Day)

A propagation phenomenon that is characterized by very rapid QSB (fading signal strength), often accompanied by Doppler shift in frequency, which can produce a warbling tone on CW. Signals displaying […]

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Word of the Day: What is a “Rotator?”

A rotator—often incorrectly referred to as a “rotor”—is an essential piece of equipment for positioning a directional antenna. Mounted on the antenna mast, the rotator is moved by a controller […]

Technical Articles

DXing on the VHF+ bands: Classic Skills on New Frontiers

Most Hams associate the term “DX” with the HF bands. It’s understandable. After all, as conventional wisdom states, the HF bands allow international, global communication, while the VHF bands are […]

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Word of the Day: Scarborough Reef

From time to time, our Word of the Day column will focus on an unusual or rare DXCC entity. Scarborough Reef is both. In 1996, Scarborough Reef(Huangyan Island), located in […]