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DX Engineering Gear to Play a Major Role in the January 2023 3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island

Successfully executing a complex DXpedition can take a Herculean effort, especially when it involves multiple operators and stations, loads of equipment and accessories, long-distance travel, challenging locales not fit for human habitation, and the unpredictability of Mother Nature, who, we’ve learned, has little concern about making it easy for hams who are trying to work the world.

Without the support of amateur radio clubs, individual hams, and equipment sponsors, activating the rare ones, in most cases, simply wouldn’t be possible. It’s why DX Engineering has always been a leader in lending a hand to make ATNOs possible when the opportunity arises. The many DXpeditions that have relied on DX Engineering gear over the last two decades have included Baker Island KH1/KH7 2018, Ducie Island VP6D 2018Mellish Reef VK9MA 2017Pitcairn Island VP6R 2019, St. Paul Island CY9C 2016Amsterdam Island FT5ZM 2014Chesterfield Islands TX3X 2015, and VP8PJ South Orkney 2020.

Why invest in these ventures? Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO, explains it this way: “The DX Engineering team is made up of active hams just like you. We love the thrill of upgrading our stations to work DX, breaking through a pileup, and filling our logbooks with QSOs, especially from entities that don’t come along very often. In the great tradition of ham radio, DX Engineering is committed to making these opportunities easier and more enjoyable for operators everywhere.”

Bouvet 3Y0J on the Way!

You can now add 3Y0J Bouvet Island to the lofty list of DXEngineering-supported DXpeditions. The 13-operator 3Y0J DXpedition, slated for January 2023 (it was originally planned for  November 2022), will be well-stocked with critical equipment provided by DX Engineering, including:

Look for further updates on additional DX Engineering gear provided to 3Y0J in future OnAllBands posts.

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