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single ham radio paddle key
Technical Articles

What is Iambic Keying?

Occasionally, our customers ask: “What is Iambic Keying?” Iambic keying is an advanced CW skill that takes practice and time to master, but once learned reduces operator fatigue and may […]

dx engineering crimp connector kit
Technical Articles

Tech Tip: What dimensions do I use for crimp style PL-259 connectors?

Q. What dimensions do I use for crimp style PL-259 connectors? A. We have a couple of charts that you will find to be very helpful on the types of […]

wire antenna components illustration
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

How to Choose Your First HF Antenna

DX Engineering receives many questions from new (or new to HF) amateurs, and one of the most common is: “What kind of antenna should I use as my first HF […]

dx engineering paddle pad
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How to Keep Your CW Paddle in Place

Some hams with nice radio tables find that their CW operations tend to move the paddle around a bit. Chasing the paddle during a contest can be aggravating as all […]

serial to usb adapter cable
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Tech Tip: Guide to Choosing RS-232 USB Adapter Cables

On new equipment and old, we often need to connect a transceiver or other device with a legacy RS-232 serial port to our modern computer that has only USB ports and no […]

compact ham radio paddle set
Technical Articles

Tips for Hooking Up a Keyer Paddle

If you are interested in operating CW but have never hooked up a key or keyer paddle, or if it has been a long time since you’ve done it, here are […]

ham radio loop antenna
Technical Articles

Tech Tip: How to Receive Weak Amateur Radio Stations

Receiving weak stations with very low signal levels on frequencies from below the AM broadcast band up through the shortwaves of HF often requires the use of a specialized antenna […]

peter island
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DXpeditions 101: What is a Pilot Station?

While there will be thousands of experienced Hams worldwide who will be attempting to make contact with Bouvet Island 3Y0Z, they will undoubtedly be joined in the pileups by scores […]

ameritron antenna tuner
Technical Articles

Quick Tip: Using Your Transceiver Antenna Tuner Can Cause Damage to Your Amplifier

If you have an amplifier connected to your transceiver output, do not use your transceiver’s antenna tuner.  Even if your amplifier is turned off or in bypass mode don’t do […]

peter island
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DXpeditions 101: What is an Operating Split?

First-time DXer? As a service to those who are new to this exciting part of Amateur Radio, DX Engineering is posting a series of articles you can use to get […]