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a dx engineering coaxial cable stripping tool
Products & Product Reviews

Holiday Gift Guide: Cable Tools and Cable Prep Kits

It’s crunch time, folks! If you’re one of those wait-until-the-very-last-minute kind of holiday shoppers, our friends at DX Engineering have some good news, but you need to act quickly. Orders […]

icom ham radio cover
HAM Radio 101 / Products & Product Reviews

Product Profile: Equipment Covers

The equipment you buy as an Amateur Radio operator is a noble investment—and one that’s worth protecting. Don’t give dust and dirt any time to settle on the days you’re […]

a mobile ham radio kit with antenna and mount
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Handheld, Mobile, and Base Station Starter Packages Make Getting Started in the Hobby Easier

With license in hand it’s time to set up your shack, but the glittering array of transceivers, antennas, and connectors can overwhelm many new operators. That’s why DX Engineering offers […]

A Gator equipment case
HAM Radio 101 / Products & Product Reviews

Product Profile: Equipment Cases

Hams can be hard to keep home. From fox hunts to portable operations to DXpeditions, they’re always off on another adventure—and it can take a toll on the delicate instruments […]

a ham radio paddle set and pad
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Holiday Gift Guide: Paddle Pads and Footswitches

Still haven’t found the perfect gift for the Amateur Radio enthusiasts in your life? There’s still time to wow your Ham friends with practical and affordable gifts. Here are a […]

dx engineering paddles and pad
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Product Feature: Paddle Pads

Keep CW paddles, straight keys, and bugs secure during intense contest excitement with DX Engineering PaddlePads. They may seem sticky to the touch, but these friction pads are residue-free with […]

icom handheld radio microphone
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Buyer’s Guide: Examining Your Microphone Options

Not all microphones are ideal for radio communications. While you may be thrilled with the mic you use to belt out “Sweet Home Alabama” on karaoke night in your living […]

workers installing an antenna rotator atop a tall radio tower
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New DX Engineering RT4500HD Heavy-Duty Rotator Undergoes Extensive Testing

On a cool, foggy morning in early October, DX Engineering Operations Manager Cory Gibson, W3CDG, and fellow team members watched as a hard-hatted tower expert ascended near the top of […]

ham radio for dummies book
HAM Radio 101 / Products & Product Reviews

Holiday Gift Guide: Reference Books

This holiday season get the Hams in your life the gift that keeps on giving with reference and log books that will keep them up-to-date with new information for their […]

dx engineering get started ham radio package
Products & Product Reviews

“Getting Started” Packages Make the Perfect Holiday Gift for New Hams

For many Hams, the first question asked after receiving official notification of their call sign is, “Now what?” The good news is that Ham Radio offers many opportunities for easy […]