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Holiday Gifts for Hams 2020: DX Engineering Gift Card

Buying for the Ham Radio enthusiasts in your life can be both easy and hard. The easy part is knowing that they want Amateur Radio stuff. No light-up neckties or […]

Yaesu Ham Radio Base Station
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DX Engineering Taking Reservations for the New Yaesu FTDX10 SDR Transceiver

Yaesu has announced the release of the much-anticipated FTDX10 HF/50MHz 100W SDR Transceiver. The company says its latest hybrid SDR rig will be available in early December 2020. DX Engineering […]

radio rf coaxial connectors
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Guide to Coaxial Connectors: Understanding the Differences Among Coax Connectors

If you’re new to amateur radio, choosing among the various antenna connector types used for radios and antennas may be a bit confusing. They look similar and have cryptic names […]

ARRL Extra Class License manual Book Cover
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New Product Showcase: Current ARRL Extra Class License Manuals

Do have your General license? Have you been considering an upgrade to an Extra Class license but keep finding excuses to put it off? You’re not alone. That’s why the […]

signalink usb ham radio sound card interface
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Extra Gear That Should Be Standard Equipment

It wasn’t so long ago that RF power meters weren’t included in transceivers (or transmitters). You got plate current, grid current, high voltage (maybe), and S units for the received […]

geochron atlas in box
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New Product Showcase: Geochron Digital Atlas 4K

For amateurs who have always dreamed about mounting a Geochron world clock in the shack, the technicians at this renowned company have made it easier for operators everywhere to enjoy […]

close up of a coaxial cable cutaway
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Coaxial Cable Guide: Understanding the Differences Among Types of Coaxial Cable

Though the first coax cable was developed in the 19th century, it didn’t become popular with Hams until after World War II when war surplus was plentiful. Hams liked it […]

ham radio mini reference card
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New Product Showcase: Nifty Mini-Manual Reference Guide for the Yaesu FTM-300DR C4FM/FM Dual-Band Digital Mobile Transceiver

You can tell a lot about a Ham by what they do with an owner’s manual after unboxing a purchase, especially if it’s a new transceiver. The meticulous type will […]

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Product Showcase: ICOM Bluetooth Headset VS-3—Hands-Free Operation and Remote Control of the IC-705 Portable Transceiver

A huge benefit of ICOM’s new  IC-705 HF/50/144/430 All Mode Portable Transceiver is that it comes with built-in Bluetooth®, something you’ll be thankful you have on your outdoor adventures. Say […]

stemlab ham radio kit
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New Product Showcase: Red Pitaya Boards for Ham Radio Operators

For less adventurous eaters whose interest in fruits extends no further than apples and grapes, the red pitaya is likely one of those oddities you pass in the grocery store […]