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dx engineering pixel loop antenna radiation pattern
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Ham Radio Tech: Simple Low-Band Receiving Antennas

The receiving antennas covered in this article are small enough to fit on residential lots or to use with a portable station. They are not transmitting antennas! Most are relatively […]

diex dipole antenna at unset
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New Product/Manufacturer Spotlight: Rotatable Dipoles from DIEX Antennas

OnAllBands is excited to feature new products that will be highlighted in the upcoming 2024 DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog. There are still a few months to go before […]

rf tech assembling a coaxial cable and connector
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How to Quickly Get the Precise Coaxial Cable Assembly for Your Ham Radio Station

Say you need an 18-foot run of low-loss coaxial cable to replace an old, worn-out stretch that is negatively affecting your station’s performance. You want the cable to have type-N […]

REZ Antenna Ranger 80 HF
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REZ Antenna Systems Ranger 80 HF Portable Antenna | Ham Radio Review

In the field, you want a portable ham radio antenna that’s simple to set up and dismantle while providing good performance. Many hams opt for vertical antennas featuring base-loaded whips. […]

Tuff Meter
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New Products Spotlight: VE2DX TrueCIV Icom Transceiver Interface Data Hubs, Remote Antenna Switches, and More

Based in Quebec, VE2DX Electronics was founded by longtime amateur radio operator Richard Desaulniers, Sr., VE2DX, with the purpose of creating innovative and useful electronics products for the ham radio […]

RM Italy switching power supply, 1050S
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New Products Spotlight: RM Italy UHF Amplifier and Switching Power Supply, and Radio Today Transceiver Guides from the RSGB

Leading up to the release of the 2024 DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog in a few months, OnAllBands will be featuring some of the new products you’ll find inside […]

Kenwood Mobile Transceiver
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New Product Spotlight: Kenwood TH-D75A Tri-Band 144/220/430 MHz D-STAR/APRS Handheld Transceiver

Announced during Dayton HamventionÒ 2023, Kenwood’s latest venture into the HT realm, the TH-D75A, drew a lot of attention from excited hams, many of whom have spent the last several […]

Sangean weather radio
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Product Spotlight: Weatherproofing, Weather Stations, Storm Spotting, and More at DX Engineering

As winter’s chill reaches its peak at DX Engineering headquarters near Akron, Ohio, the inclement weather is very much on our minds at OnAllBands. While we chip ice off our […]

Antennas and Tuners / Products & Product Reviews

Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Mount Plates for Tilt Base Antenna Mounting Systems

Today’s OnAllBands post is a lesson in “you get what you pay for.” As prudent consumers, it’s not unusual for us to compare pricing without fully exploring why one offering […]

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Ham Radio Headphones, Headsets, and Speaker Microphones in the Field

One of my favorite parts of ham radio is public service events. It is sure a lot of fun to help serve the community. One thing you quickly notice, though, […]