Articles written by: Sean Kutzko, KX9X

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Technical Articles

Satellite Basics (Part 4): Operating a Linear Satellite Demonstration

In our fourth installment of Sean’s video series, he follows up on his previous video, “Getting on the Linear Satellites,” by operating a recent pass of the XW2A linear satellite […]

HAM Radio 101

Getting Along with Your Non-Ham Neighbors

We tend to get a bit of tunnel-vision when it comes to Ham radio. After all, we’re really into the hobby. But that doesn’t always mean everybody else is. In […]

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Technical Articles

Operating Amateur Radio Satellites (Part 3): Getting on the Linear Satellites

In our third installment of Sean’s video series, he covers the basics of operating linear satellites, including their advantages over FM “birds,” equipment needed for a portable satellite station, a […]

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Amateur Radio News

Five Ways Ham Radio Has Changed in the Last 40 Years

I’ve been licensed for almost 40 years now. Hobby radio has been a part of my life, in one form or another, since I was three years old. In that […]

ARRL Antenna Basics Book
Satellite Operation / Technical Articles

Three Big Tips for Operating Ham Radio on a Budget

You’ve finally earned that license and now it’s time to get on the air. Hooray! But you need gear, and your piggy bank hasn’t blossomed enough to afford those shiny […]

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Satellite Operation / Technical Articles

Operating Amateur Radio Satellites (Part 2): Getting on the FM Satellites

In our second installment of Sean Kutzko’s, KX9X, video series on the basics of operating amateur radio satellites, he covers the basics of operating FM satellites, including what gear you’ll […]

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Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

How High Should My Dipole Be?

The half-wave dipole is one of the most basic antennas in all of Ham radio. It also tends to get a bad rap; how many times have you heard somebody—possibly […]

ham radio operator working in temporary station

Finding and Maintaining Younger Ham Radio Operators

A long-heralded cry in the world of Ham radio is the call for younger Hams. “We need more youth! Our ranks are dying off, and there’s nobody coming up to […]

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Lesser-Known Ham Radio Contests: Walking the Contest Road Less Traveled

When it comes to Ham radio, few activities offer a better bang for your buck than contesting. Radiosport offers a way to better your on-air and station-building skills, improve your […]

OH3BT Finland Ham Radio QSL Card

My Most Memorable QSOs

After 38 years of being an active amateur radio operator, I’ve had over 100,000 QSOs on all bands from 160 meters to 10 GHz. Making contact with other operators around […]