Articles written by: Sean Kutzko, KX9X

HAM Radio 101

Memories of Field Day

Field Day… it’s not just an operating event, it’s the holiest ham radio weekend on the calendar in the U.S. and Canada. Since 1933, hams have been taking gear to […]

HAM Radio 101

My First Steps in Ham Radio

Radio bit me at a very early age, and it bit hard. At home in Urbana, Illinois, I was doing broadcast band DXing when I was four and had my […]

Technical Articles

Five Tips for Successful QRP Operating

QRP, or low-power operating, is one of Ham radio’s fundamental challenges. Can you really make contacts running only five watts or less? Yes, Virginia, you can enjoy a quality ham […]

Technical Articles

Your First Pileup: Techniques for Success

Operating from a rare (or semi-rare) location is one of the greatest experiences in Ham radio. Many operators have spent time trying to work a DXpedition and have also dreamed […]

Satellite Operation / Technical Articles

Satellite Basics (Part 6): Operating a Satellite while Roving

In our sixth and final installment of Sean Kutzko’s video series on the Basics of Operating Amateur Radio Satellites, he takes his show on the road to demonstrate one of […]

Satellite Operation / Technical Articles

Satellite Basics (Part 5): Operating Satellites from Your Home Station

Editor’s Note: Welcome to OnAllBands’ new video series on the fun and challenges of making contacts through Amateur Radio satellites! Your host is Sean Kutzko, KX9X, OnAllBands blogger, former AMSAT Volunteer […]

Technical Articles

Satellite Basics (Part 4): Operating a Linear Satellite Demonstration

In our fourth installment of Sean’s video series, he follows up on his previous video, “Getting on the Linear Satellites,” by operating a recent pass of the XW2A linear satellite […]

HAM Radio 101

Getting Along with Your Non-Ham Neighbors

We tend to get a bit of tunnel-vision when it comes to Ham radio. After all, we’re really into the hobby. But that doesn’t always mean everybody else is. In […]

Technical Articles

Operating Amateur Radio Satellites (Part 3): Getting on the Linear Satellites

In our third installment of Sean’s video series, he covers the basics of operating linear satellites, including their advantages over FM “birds,” equipment needed for a portable satellite station, a […]

Amateur Radio News

Five Ways Ham Radio Has Changed in the Last 40 Years

I’ve been licensed for almost 40 years now. Hobby radio has been a part of my life, in one form or another, since I was three years old. In that […]