Articles written by: Sean Kutzko, KX9X

astronaut making a ham radio contact from space station
Amateur Radio News / Technical Articles

Hams in Space: Contacting the International Space Station

When astronaut Owen Garriott, W5LFL (sk), keyed down his 2 meter transceiver aboard the space shuttle Columbia on December 1, 1983, he became the first person to use Ham radio […]

large ham radio repeater shack atop a mountain
Technical Articles

Repeater Etiquette: Best Practices, Do’s and Don’ts

The local repeater is often where new Hams make their first contact. I recall feeling a bit nervous when I tuned in to my local repeater for the first time. […]

Satellite Roving Image Grid
Satellite Operation / Technical Articles

Satellite Roving: More Grids Than You Can Shake a Yagi At

I’ve long been an advocate for operating on the Other Side of the Pileup. Taking your gear with you on vacation or a business trip gives you the opportunity to […]

a group of ham radio operators talking outside
HAM Radio 101

Promoting Ham Radio in Your Area

Ham radio is fun stuff! We enjoy building circuits, talking around the world without the internet, and developing our skills to be ready in case we’re ever needed for an […]

satellite tracking software screenshot
Satellite Operation / Technical Articles

How to Predict and Track a Satellite Pass

Ham radio satellites are a wonderful addition to any Ham radio operator’s activity. Even Technician-class licensees have privileges that permit them to access 95% of the satellites currently in orbit. […]

ham radio working at a portable station outdoors
Technical Articles

Low-Power Operating: How to Do More With Less

My Ham radio career began like many others. I got a used 100-watt rig, threw a dipole in a tree, and started making contacts. Then I got hooked on working […]

ham radio operators on a boat
Technical Articles

Satellite Basics (Part 3): Upgrading to the Linear Satellites

It’s pretty amazing that with a dual-band HT and a relatively small antenna, Hams can communicate with each other via satellites orbiting overhead several times a day. But as good […]

Ham Radio Antenna Options for Home and Portable Operations
Products & Product Reviews / Technical Articles

Ham Radio Antenna Options for Home and Portable Operations

Most Hams dream of giant towers with large rotatable antenna arrays perched on top. However, many Hams can’t put up such workhorses. Some common issues we run up against are […]

man holding small radio antenna near a beach resort
Satellite Operation / Technical Articles

5 Tips on Etiquette and Good Manners on the FM Ham Radio Satellites

Manners are a good thing. They help us make a good impression and build our reputation at work, school, or any social gathering. We generally like hanging out with positive […]

a man holding a portable ham radio antenna outside
Satellite Operation / Technical Articles

Full Duplex: The Key To Satellite Success

Satellite operating is one of the great activities available to Ham Radio operators. With a small amount of gear and a little practice, anybody can get involved in working stations […]