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HAM Radio 101

Earn Your ARRL VUCC Award

There’s a lot more to being a Ham than working HF. Just ask the operators who devote their on-air time to earning the ARRL’s VHF/UHF Century Club Award (VUCC). The […]


Guide to July Ham Radio Contests

Make your own fireworks this summer by logging some CW, SSB, RTTY, and digital QSOs. Here are a few July contests to help you stay cool inside while the weather […]

Technical Articles

Put My Antenna in the Attic? That Can’t Work, Can It?

In the attic, you ask? Yes, in the attic! Many Hams, including many of you reading this, are limited by HOA or other outdoor antenna restrictions. But even if you […]

Technical Articles

Satellite Roving: More Grids Than You Can Shake a Yagi At

I’ve long been an advocate for operating on the Other Side of the Pileup. Taking your gear with you on vacation or a business trip gives you the opportunity to […]


A Guide to June Ham Radio Contests and Events

Kick off the summer on the air! June beckons with great operating events and contests. In addition to Field Day (June 27-28), here are just a few to circle on […]


Guide to January Ham Radio Contests

For Ham Radio contesters, a new year means exciting opportunities to sharpen skills, move up in the competitive standings, try something new like RTTY or moonbounce, enjoy the leisurely pace […]

HAM Radio 101

What is the VHF/UHF Century Club?

If working UHF/VHF is more your style (or all your budget will allow), there are still lots of ways to have fun on the air and get recognized for your […]

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Guide to 2019 Fall Contesting Season

It’s September—the time of year when gridiron giants strap on helmets and shoulder pads while us amateurs strap on headphones and fill our cups with high-octane java for some serious […]

Technical Articles

The Hows and Whys of Operating on Two Meters or Six During the Summer Months

Let’s face it: The HF bands haven’t been that great for a while. Trying to enjoy Ham Radio during the bottom of the 11-year solar cycle can be tough. The […]

HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day (Grid Square): What is My HAM Radio Grid Square?

An alphanumeric geographical coordinate system, based on the Maidenhead Locator System developed by VHF enthusiasts in 1980, in which the entire globe is divided into equal-sized rectangles which are denoted […]