HAM Radio 101

World Scout Jamboree Overview

DX Engineering was a proud supporter of the NA1WJ 2019 Word Scout Jamboree Amateur Radio operation, July 22 to August 2, hosted by representatives from Canada, Mexico and the U.S. It was part of the 24th annual World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, the first time the annual gathering was held in North America since 1983. The event included youngsters from Australia, Canada, Chile, Finland, Germany, Japan, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, U.S., and Zimbabwe. Scouts participating in the NA1WJ operation, from the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve, logged 4,163 contacts, reached 86 DXCC countries, executed more than 3,000 Ham Radio demonstrations, participated in three balloon launches, and made multiple contacts with the International Space Station.

NA1WJ’s demonstration station used equipment previously provided by DX Engineering, including HEXX beam antennas, vertical antennas, coaxial cable connectors, triplexers, and bandpass filters.


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