HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: Scheduled or Skeds

In contesting, schedules are advance arrangements to make QSOs with specific stations at specific frequencies and times. Schedules are often made during a contest to try to work additional multipliers on times and frequencies when propagation is favorable. For example, N9RV may work NH2T on 15 meters at 0100z and set up a schedule for 40 meters on 7030 kHz at 0700z. 

When 0700z rolls around, if NH2T and N9RV remember to go to 7030 kHz and they hear each other, a new QSO (which may be a new multiplier for one or both) can be made. Schedules made on the air during the contest can be an important and effective contest tactic. Schedules made via non-amateur means (e.g., email) and/or schedules made before the contest starts are not allowed by most contest rules. Even if rules do not explicitly forbid it, such practices are not considered ethical and should be avoided.

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