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Word of the Day: Ham Radio Catalog

If you remember the thrill of leafing through a holiday catalog as a kid—circling all the pipe-dream stuff you wanted but knew you would never acquire—you’re hardly alone. Years removed from poring over now-defunct F.A.O. Schwarz, JCPenney, Sears, and Montgomery Ward mail-order magazines, we still feel the magic of settling into a comfortable chair and making mental wish lists about the things that fire our imagination.

Don’t get us wrong. Online shopping has changed the world of retail in a good way, but the ten-year-old in all of us, with a red magic marker in hand, isn’t ready to relinquish the days when catalogs were king and their arrival in the mailbox heralded the beginning of the holiday season as much as the first snowflake.

Many longtime Hams wax nostalgic about perusing dog-eared catalogs from Allied, Heathkit, and Lafayette. Today, they can relive these memories and equip their shacks with top gear thanks to Amateur Radio’s go-to holiday “wish book”—the Fall/Winter DX Engineering catalog. The 2019 edition is filled with 132 pages of Ham Radio heaven—transceivers, amplifiers, antennas, tuners, keys, towers, switches, coaxial cable, tools, and plenty of new products from Amateur Radio’s most trusted manufacturers, including innovative devices from the team at DX Engineering.

If you haven’t received your copy, visit DXEngineering.com and click on Sign Up for Our Free Catalog. You can also download a searchable PDF or view it digitally – all for free. Check in on the OnAllBands Word of the Day feature all week for highlights from the new catalog.


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