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Word of the Day (Grid Square): What is My HAM Radio Grid Square?

An alphanumeric geographical coordinate system, based on the Maidenhead Locator System developed by VHF enthusiasts in 1980, in which the entire globe is divided into equal-sized rectangles which are denoted by alphanumeric codes. E.g., the four-digit grid square for N8DXE (DX Engineering’s employee radio club based in Tallmadge, Ohio) is EN91. Four (or more) digit grid squares have found increasing popularity as contest exchanges, particularly for VHF contests, as they offer both an increased challenge for successfully completing contest QSOs with accuracy, as well as giving universal location information for all countries/states.

Looking for a cool way to decorate your shack? DX Engineering carries full-color DX and Grid Square Maps from CQMaps.

Editor’s Note: Amateur Radio has its own lingo, so we’re covering that unique terminology in our daily Word of the Day column for novice HAM radio enthusiasts.

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