HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: Flea Market

One of the highlights of any Hamfest is the flea market. Why? Because you never know what you’ll find—an old radio or misfit piece of amateur gear to add to your collection, hard-to-find hardware, an electronic oddity better suited for a display at the Smithsonian, or an out-of-production transceiver at a price you can’t refuse. If you’re a smart picker and skilled haggler, you can walk away with some serious treasure. If not, you can still take satisfaction in knowing you won’t be the one hauling all that stuff back to your place once it’s over.

DXE Hamfest, August 10, will be featuring a FREE flea market from 8 a.m. to Noon at the Summit Racing Equipment Retail Super Store in Tallmadge, Ohio— also the site of the DX Engineering Showroom. Here are the details:

  • It’s free to attend and set up your table(s)
  • It will be in a paved parking lot, so you can leave your waders at home
  • No dealers will be permitted

When you have a free moment during the Hamfest, you can convert your flea market cash into Amateur Radio gear at the DX Engineering Showroom (only seconds away), where there will be plenty of open-box deals and Hamfest specials. Click here for complete DXE Hamfest details.


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