HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: Elmer@DXEngineering.com

Today’s Word of the Day is an email address you’re going to want to commit to memory: Elmer@DXEngineering.com. That’s DX Engineering’s new, easy-to-remember email hotline if you want to get in touch with one of our Elmers for technical help or advice on making the right purchase for your shack. FYI: Our other customer support email, DXEngineering@DXEngineering.com, still works, too.

If you visited the DX Engineering booth at Hamvention this year, you may have noticed that all of our sales and technical staff were wearing “ELMER” badges. As mentioned in a previous Word of the Day post, Elmer means “mentor” in Ham-speak—the person who takes the time to help a beginning operator understand the many facets of the hobby. At DX Engineering, our Elmers—active Hams boasting a combined 300-plus years of Ham Radio experience—are here for newbies, seasoned operators, and everyone in between. Just email Elmer@DXEngineering.com and a prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable response awaits you.


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