HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: DXpedition


If you’ve just earned your Amateur Radio license, you’ve probably heard the word “DXpedition” tossed around a few times. For many, it’s a word that represents one of the most thrilling parts of the hobby. In Ham Radio lingo, DX means distance (from telegraph shorthand). Trying to contact stations over long distances—often in exotic, rarely visited locations—is known as DXing. When one or more Amateur Radio operators travel to a DXCC entity—sometimes at great expense and personal risk—with the intention of putting the location on the air for DXers around the world to contact, that is known as a DXpedition. Here’s a list of DXCC entities most-wanted from North America, from the rare ones (e.g., North Korea, Bouvet Island, Crozet Island) to the most common. To get a good idea of all the details that go into pulling off a complex, multi-operator DXpedition, peruse the Ducie Island VP6D 2018 website.

If you’re interested in upgrading your station for the next big DXpedition, DX Engineering has a range of transceiver, amplifier, antenna, and headphone packages.

Editor’s Note: Amateur Radio has its own lingo, so we’re covering that unique terminology in our daily Word of the Day column for novice HAM radio enthusiasts.


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