HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day (Band Map): What is a Band Map?

In contesting, a graphical, real-time display of stations arranged by frequency presented by most popular contest logging software. The map is either populated by telnet/packet spots from clusters and skimmers, and/or may be filled in using data entered by the user. Most software allows users to then click on stations on the map to be taken directly to the frequency the station is reported to be on. Stations listed on the map are color coded–with new multipliers distinctly noted.  (Stations previously worked may not be listed at all). The accuracy of these maps is only as good as the data used to construct it–errors in callsigns are frequently encountered. Use of band maps (or packet/telnet and skimmer spots) may or may not be permitted for contest, so be sure to read the rules!

Editor’s Note: CW? SWR? QRM?  Yes, Amateur Radio has its own lingo–and we’ll cover that unique terminology in our daily Word of the Day column

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