HAM Radio 101

Why Use a Hexagonal Beam Antenna?

Today’s Word of the Day is actually a phrase: Hexagonal Beam Antenna.

Yes, they may look a bit out of the ordinary, but these unusually shaped antennas—similar to an inverted umbrella frame—perform like champions. The hexagonal beam is a directional, wire antenna built on a hexagon-shaped support structure. It has become an increasingly popular option among Hams looking for a small, lightweight HF beam antenna that enables them to work DX at a reasonable cost. While some antenna-builders have assembled successful home-brewed versions, other Hams have enjoyed the ease and proven performance of purchasing hexagonal beam antenna kits for both single and multiband applications.

DX Engineering offers two 2,500W HEXX Beam Antenna Kits: a pre-cut version for 20 meters (it can be shortened for operation on 17, 15, 12, or 10) and a 5-band model covering 20/17/15/12/10 meters. Kits include balanced feeder (for 5-band version); cast aluminum HEXX hub; insulated 14 AWG element wires pre-cut and terminated; and center post and spreaders made from sealed fiberglass tubing. Individual parts can be purchased separately.

Benefits of DX Engineering’s patented HEXX Beam include better gain and improved front-to-back performance; lower SWR; full length elements and no lossy coils or traps; and less noise than typical beams.

For complete details on DX Engineering HEXX Beam Antennas, visit the DX Engineering website or check out the detailed instruction manual here. Or contact your DX Engineering Elmer at Elmer@DXEngineering.com.


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