HAM Radio 101

Why is North Korea a Coveted DXCC Entity?

There are many reasons why certain DXCC entities are harder than others to record in our log books. Some are environmentally protected areas. Governing bodies rarely grant permission to operate from these spots in fear that the intrusion will be detrimental to native foliage, fish and wildlife. Even when DXpeditioners are allowed to operate from these areas, there are often restrictions. This was the case with the Baker Island KH1/KH7Z 2018 team, which couldn’t install vertical antennas above a designated height.

Others locations, like Bouvet Island—the most remote island in the word—are rarely active because of the dangers, costs and difficult logistics of getting there. Because North Korea (P5) doesn’t allow its citizens to own Amateur Radio equipment and is less-than hospitable to DXpeditions, the country continues to hold the top spot as the Most Wanted DXCC entity in North America (P5 is its DXCC prefix). Back in 2002, however, DX Engineering customer/technical support specialist and avid DXer George K3GP, captured this ultra-rare QSL card from the P5/4L4FN DXpedition.

“North Korea has been the most-wanted DXCC entity for many years, and I was fortunate to make this contact using radio teletype,” he said.

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